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Taylor's Foundry offers a complete range of services. We offer castings in Aluminium, Bronzes & Brasses, Zinc, S.G. & Grey Iron, Stainless Steel and High Integrity Ferrous Alloys.

Small Air Set Mouldings
Benefits of a rigid mould are used to produce the more complex shape.

Core Making
Volume core production using the latest core shooting and gassing techniques.

Loose Pattern Moulding
Using traditional skills to produce one offs, prototypes and for proving pre production runs. Plus the benefit of using a fine petroleum bonded sand to produce a detailed finish where required.

Large Air Set Moulding
Capacity: Upto 500Kg (Aluminium) Production using furane resin or phenolic ester hardened mould to produce the larger casting.

Gravity Die Casting
Capacity: Upto 15Kg (Aluminium) Using a permanent mould to give good dimensional control and surface finish. This process is used for medium/high volume production.

Machine Moulding
Capacity: Upto 25Kg (Aluminium) Used for medium/high volume production utilizing a very economic green sand mould system.

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